North Beach

north beach surf spot

North Beach is located on the Marine base in between Kaneohe and Kailua. Unfortunately, access to this epic surf break is restricted to military personnel only. This leaves you with two options: 1, enlist in the Marines, or 2, make a military surfer friend with base access.

This break is hands down the most epic break on the windward side of Oahu. It faces North, so on low wind days during the winter (especially on days with light southern Kona winds), this break goes off north shore style. On a good day you'll see glassy left and right barrels everywhere like you're in some sort of fantasy surf movie. North beach is made up of 3-6 peaks that break both left and right.

There is a long flat slab of reef that covers most of the entry to the surf, but there are a couple of skinny outlets. The waves break over a mix of sand and reef.


To get to North Beach, have your Military ID ready and go through either the H3 or Mokapu Rd. entrance. Guests just need to show their driver's license. Park along Bancroft Dr. or Pond Rd. and follow the trail down to the surf break. If its going off you wont miss it.

Photos of North Beach surf break

North Beach photos North Beach photo North Beach photo North Beach photo North Beach photo North Beach photo North Beach photo
Flat Island photos
Epic North Beach



Park near the boat-ramp and paddle out between the rocks and the ramp.


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Satellite Location

Located on the Marine Corps Base at the end of the H3.

More info

Intermediate - Expert

Best Conditions:
NE winter swell with light southern Kona winds.

Crowd Factor:
Medium - Crowded

What to bring:
Shortboard or Funboard

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