Flat Island (Popoia)

flat island

Located about 1/4 mile offshore from the beautiful Kailua Bay is Popoia (a.k.a. Flat Island). It is a small (and yes, flat) island that serves mostly as a bird scanturary. When the conditions are right it also makes for a good surf break serving up swells slow and thick which makes for a good beginner wave and fun longboarding. If you get tired there is a small sandy beach on the island you can use to regain some energy, have a picnic, or bask in the joy of seeing birds hatch from their eggs.


To get to Flat Island, park over by the boat ramp located where Kailua bay ends and Lanikai begins. Its always a good idea to scope out the break before you paddle out...so driving on top of the hill that descends into Lanikai gives you a perfect vantage point.

Best Conditions

Getting out there in the right surf conditions can be tricky because the trade winds are what makes this break go off. While the kite boarders flock to the bay for the consistent heavy winds, your goal as a surfer is to hit it after a couple of days of strong winds and paddle out just as they die down. The northeast winds are the best for this break. On a good day you'll see mild winds, shoulder to head-high surf, and long rides that carry you from one side of the island to the other.

Photos of Flat Island surf break

Flat Island photos Flat Island photo Flat Island photo Flat Island photo Flat Island photo Flat Island photo Flat Island photo Flat Island photo
Flat Island photos
View of Flat Island from the Lanikai entrance.



Park near the boat-ramp and paddle out between the rocks and the ramp.


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Satellite Location

Located in Kailua Bay straight out from the boat ramp.

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Best Conditions:
Right after some heavy NE trade winds die down leaving you with glassy shoulder to head-high swells

Crowd Factor:

What to bring:
Longboard or on bigger days your funboard

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