Wailupes & Boneyards

Wailupes and Boneyards are two fun breaks located straight out from the tip of a neighborhood in Aina Haina. Unfortunatly there is no access to these breaks from the neighborhood, which requires surfers to park in a small lot and paddle out though the dredged channel that goes alongside of the neighborhood.

The long paddle out can be a blessing though because it keeps the crowds down...even on big swell days.

Wailupes is the left-breaking wave that you get to first when paddling out. It breaks fast and hollow. On clean head-high days the wave even throws a nice barrel.

Boneyards is the right-breaking wave on the other side of the point. It breaks into a deep channel so this wave can be a lot of fun on big-swell days.

There are also waves that can be picked off inbetween these two main breaks. Just watch out for the sharp and shallow inside.

Video of Wailupes & Boneyards


Park in the small lot located just before Wailupe circle. You'll usually see some people net fishing there. Walk over the mossy reef until you get to the dredged channel. Paddle the rest of the way.


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These two remote breaks are located near Aina Heina between Hawaii Kai and Diamond Head. Long paddle out but usually worth it.

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Best Conditions:
Summer 5-12' faces and little to no wind.

Crowd Factor:

What to bring:
Shortboard or Funboard. Longboard works too.

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