Threes is one of my favorite rights on the south shore. With a south swell the wave breaks long and hollow. If the swell is 4'+ she even puts off a decent mini-barrel. Threes dumps you right in a fairly deep channel that makes for a clean exit and mellow paddle out to catch the next one.

Sounds great right? Good things usually dont come easy, and this is one of them. This break is about a half a mile out from shore, so get ready for a long paddle. If you make good with the Waikiki catamaran captain they'll toe you out there, but the paddle makes for a good surf session warm up.

Threes can get very crowded and you'll find a lot of experienced surfers here, so if you're not in tune with surfing code, or cant ride down the line just yet, try Canoes instead.


Threes was featured in the movie "The endless summer". It was given the generic name Threes because it is the third named surf spot in Waikiki.

Videos of Threes


You'll find threes straight out from a rock jetty peer in Waikiki beach found by the Shore Bird restaurant.

There are several places you can park. If you valet at the Shore Bird, and order a drink at the bar, they'll validate your parking. Alternatively, you can park at the lots by Fort DeRussy park for a ridiculous fee.


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Satellite Location

Threes is located straight out from the Shore Bird restaurant and rock peer in Waikiki.

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Best Conditions:
Summer 3-7' S swell and little to no wind

Crowd Factor:

What to bring:
Shortboard, longboard, or funboard

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