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With a name like secrets, I should probably not be writing about it, but then again secret surf breaks on Oahu don't really exist anymore, so screw it, let the knowledge be free.

Secrets is located 1/4 mile paddle out to the right of Kawaikui Beach Park. It's so far out that you can barely see the other surfers out there. Paddles like this is why they invented the Loco Moco, so be sure to carb up.

The wave breaks fast and hollow over shallow reef both left and right. The right has some funky bowl action and if the swell is working good, provides some beautiful barrels.

Your best bet is to avoid low tide, as the inside gets to be a foot deep in these conditions.

The left-breaking wave is a little shorter ride and breaks on very shallow reef. If you get caught inside, getting back out will cost you a lot of energy.

A strong windward wind can cause mayhem at this break, but the low kona wind days are epic.


Toes is located to the left of Kawaikui Beach Park, about 100 yards east of Secrets. This spot is popular with the wind and kite surfers on windy days, but on the low wind days provides lots of fun rides for us normal surf types.

The main wave breaks fairly thick and left into the channel, and is great for funboards or longboards.

Give me some low winds, good swell, and high tide, and you'll find me on my shortboard heading right into a throwing hollow barrel that spits me out into a small channel.


Secrets photos Secrets photos Secrets photos Secrets photos Secrets photos
Secrets photos
Heading out on a small and windy day.


You can access these breaks from a very small beach access point located in-between two houses at the end of Kapiolani Park. Your best off parking at the meters in the park and walking into the neighborhood.


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In-between Diamond Head and Koko Head crater on the south shore of Oahu.

More info

Moderate - Intermediate

Best Conditions:
Summer 4-9' faces and little to no wind

Crowd Factor:
Mostly Bare

What to bring:
Shortboard to Secrets, Shortboard or longboard to toes

Best food & drink after surf session

Pizza and Pupus at Kona Brewery
Burritos BC Burrito

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