Sand Island Beach Park

This is one of the lesser known surf breaks on Oahu. The reason is because its nestled way back behind the industrial shipyards and huge barges in a beautiful grassy park with sandy beaches.

To get here us easy. Just take sand island access road and drive until it ends at the park. Once you see the large 3-story metal lookout tower, you're there!

A word of caution: This park is mostly inhibited by locals. Most locals are friendly and fully embrace the aloha spirit. However, a small few are very resentful of haoles and after a long day at the park may be looking for trouble. Respect the locals and they will respect you. Also note that the park closes just after sunset so don't wait around too long or you'll have to crash someone's camp spot for a place to sleep.


During World War 2 Sand Island Beach Park served as a costal defense area because of its close proximity to the entrance of Honolulu Harbor. To this day you'll find clusters of underground bunkers, lookout towers, and abandoned buildings that look out of place surrounded by the green grassy fields, large trees, and beautiful beaches.

Photos of Sand Island Beach Park

Sand Island photos Sand Island photo Sand Island photo Sand Island photo Sand Island photo Sand Island photo Sand Island photo Sand Island photo
Sand Island photos
View of Sand Island surf break from the rocks.



Park in the lot shown below (free), then walk out to your right and paddle out around the sandy beach area, then over so that you align yourself with the surf break and watch tower.


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Satellite Location

Sand Island Beach Park straight out from the watch tower.

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Best Conditions:
Summer 3-7' SS-E swell and little to no wind

Crowd Factor:

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