Rice Bowl, Tonggs, & Graveyards

Rice Bowl

Located between Old Man's and Tonggs, Rice Bowl is considered by many as the pipeline of the south shore. When it's working you'll find one of the cleanest barrels along the south shore nestled here. Unlike the north shore pipeline, this wave cannot be seen from the shore unless you're lucky enough to live in one of the nearby high-rises.

Typically this left and right breaking wave performs best at low tide and wont even break with less than 5' faces. Head high + swell makes for some perfect peeling barrels.


Tonggs is a great surf break for everyone. It contains a fast right that closes out, a slower left that dumps you in a deep channel, and even some good beginner inside waves that roll all the way into shore. You'll also find a few kayakers that sit way outside and catch the occasional big crumbling left.

The wave tends to double up a lot which can make it tricky to manage...but all in all it's great for shortboarders, longboarders, and kayakers of all skill levels.


Sound sketchy? It is. Graveyards is located just east of Tonggs and breaks fast left over shallow reef creating a high performance wave worth a couple of turns.


Rice Bowl photos Rice Bowl photos Rice Bowl photos Tonggs and Suicides photos Tonggs photos Tonggs photos Tonggs photos Graveyards photos Graveyards photos Graveyards photos
Rice Bowls photos
Tucking in a barrel at Rice Bowl.


You can access these breaks from a very small beach access point located in-between two houses at the end of Kapiolani Park. Your best off parking at the meters in the park and walking into the neighborhood.


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At the end of Waikiki's Kapiolani Park just out from the neighborhood.

More info

Beginner - Intermediate

Best Conditions:
Summer 3-12' faces and little to no wind

Crowd Factor:
Bare - Crowded

What to bring:
Shortboard to Rice bowl, Tonggs right, and Graveyards...Longboard to Tonggs left

Best food & drink after surf session

Acai bowl at the Health Bar
Breakfast bagel at Bogarts

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