Publics is a fun un-crowded surf break that is located just east of Queens and Canoes on Oahu's south shore.

The wave breaks left in a very predictable and consistent spot due to the stick coral. This coral however makes it a dangerous spot for beginners. During low tide it starts to protrude out of the water giving you an uneasy feeling if you look down while hanging 10. Don't fall unless you want to give a good bear hug to the sharp flesh-scraping doom that awaits below. High tide makes this break a much better bet!

On a good day you'll enjoy nice long rides that will carry you up to 100 yards back to shore.


It is said that, long before the development of the peers and jetties in Waikiki, this wave once connected all along the coast creating an endless wave. Rumor has it that the mighty Duke once surfed a wave all the way from Publics to Canoes! If that is true that is one hell of an epic long ride!




Park along Kalakaua Ave. along side of Kapiolani Park. Parking is free on the ocean side, 25 cents per hour on the other side.


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Satellite Location of Publics

Publics is located straight out from the white concession building.

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Best Conditions:
Summer with 3-7' swells and little to no wind

Crowd Factor:

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