Old Man's

Old Man's is a nice mellow longboard break located straight out from the Elk's Lodge in Waikiki...nestled between a few walls of shallow reef creating a reef lagoon of sorts. On small days this break is perfect to learn on because of the deep waters and laid back crowd. On bigger days it is straight up a great wave to surf.

For you goofy footers, the wave breaks left starting from where the reef wall protrudes from the water. You can also catch the wave right if you're feeling patient and paddle west of the main break.

At Old Man's you'll see a diverse crowd of paddleboarders, canoes, and longboarders...most of which frequent the spot and know each other. Everybody seems to get along and enjoy the water, the waves, and each other's company which makes it fun for all.



Park along Kalakaua Ave. along side of Kapiolani Park somewhere near the Outrigger canoe club or Elk's lodge next door. Parking is free on the ocean side, 25 cents per hour on the other side.

To access this break, you can either walk through the hotel parking lot where you'll find a beach access...or you can get to it by walking though the park and along the wall to get up to the small rock jetty where you paddle out from.


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Satellite Location

Old Man's is located straight out from the Elk's Lodge.

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Best Conditions:
Summer with 3-7' swells and little to no wind

Crowd Factor:
Mild & mellow

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