Kewalos is a fast hollow wave that breaks on shallow reef located right at the mouth of Kewalo Basin boat harbor, straight out from Kewalo Basin Park. It is the first of many surf breaks that stretch across Ala Moana Beach Park.

The wave breaks long left and short right with the left ending in a nice deep channel that is the boat harbor. Here you can expect to find a crowd of groms (young but good surfers) mixed in with a few locals who enjoy a nice fast wave in town. On big summer days with 4-6 foot swells this surf break makes for good tube rides.

Keep in mind that Kewalo Basin means "Shark's Hole" if you go out there, make sure you dont look too tasty (or just less tasty than the surfers next to you).

Photos of Kewalos

Kewalos photos Kewalos photos Kewalos photos Kewalos photo Kewalos photo Kewalos photo Kewalos photo
Kewalos photos
Epic Barreling Kewalos

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From Ala Mauna Blvd., pull in at the east side of the boat harbor and drive all the way down (wraps around the boat harbor) until you reach the parking lots at the end. Parking is free.


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Satellite Location

Kewalos is located at the east mouth of Kewalo Basin Harbor.

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Best Conditions:
Summer 3-7' S swell and little to no wind

Crowd Factor:

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