Kaikoos is a series of shifty fast breaks located right off the rocky shore of one of Oahu's most elite neighborhoods near Black Point and Diamond Head.

While the rides are normally short, sometimes you can catch a nice long connecting wave when the conditions are right.

Paddling out at Kaikoos can be an adventure in itself. You scramble over some rocks, hop in the water over shallow reef, and if your timing is perfect, you'll get sucked out through a small reefy mouth into the rip without a single scuff to yourself or your board. Optionally you can paddle out way over at the end of Kuine Pl., but it's a solid 1/4 mile paddle to Kaikoos from there.

The waves of Kaikoos can be surfed left or right on just about any type of board. I enjoyed surfing my fun board here the most.

The difficult entrance seems to keep the crowds down; most of the time the crowds are pretty small unless its pumping.

All-in-all Kaikoos can be hit or miss, but it's a fun playground of various types of waves, and when you hit it on a good day it makes all the skunk days worth it.



If you want to brave the rocky entrance and save yourself some paddle energy, park at the very top of the hill where Kaikoo Place starts along Papu Circle, then walk down to the beach access.


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Best Conditions:
Summer with 3-7' swells and little to no wind

Crowd Factor:

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