Flies Incinerators

Flies is a hidden surf break located just west of Point Panics. It only breaks when the swell is at least chest high and only during low tide. The wave is suited best for longboarders, but with a low low tide you'll see some faster, more hollow waves start to appear.

This mostly right breaking but occasional left breaking wave can be a blast on days where the surf is head high...anything much bigger than that will cose out.

Flies Incinerators is located out from a rock jetty, so there is very little reef, and it breaks in deep water.

Flies gets its name from back in the day when the park just inland was a landfill. Sounds awesome right? Its actually very clean now minus the occasional floating turd.

Being so close to Honolulu harbor and in deeper water, shark sightings are not uncommon here.

Photos of Flies Incinerators

Flies photos Flies photos Flies photos Flies photos Flies photos Flies photos Flies photos Flies photos
Flies photos
Huge epic barrel at Flies


From Ala Mauna Blvd., head south on Cooke St. which will dead end at the free parking lot and park.


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Flies is located at the end of Cooke St. The road ends at a large parking lot and green grass park. Drive straight across, park, and walk over the hill.

More info

Beginner - Intermediate

Best Conditions:
Summer 3-7' faces and little to no wind

Crowd Factor:
Mostly bare.

What to bring:
Longboard or funboard.

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