Diamond Head Cliffs & Lighthouse

Diamond Head Cliffs is a very popular surf break for the nearby locals. It's exposure to both east and south swells make it one of the most consistent breaks on the south shore. When surf is chest-high everywhere else, it will be head-high here.

With the east exposure comes the windward wind. On windy days this break will be blown out with a nasty cross wind. Not all is lost though, wind surfers swarm by the dozens to dominate the blown out waves. Surfers get out there early to snag the morning glass.

There are several breaks along the cliffs, sometimes only 2, other times as many as 5 or 6. You'll see a good mix of longboarders and shortboarders shredding the steep faces and long lines. The main peaks are more higher performance, and more crowded. You'll find thicker and more mellow waves breaking off to the side.

Lighthouse is the break out from (you guessed it) the lighthouse. This high performance wave breaks on shallow water and to the right. It's usually not as crowded, but the people who do surf there can dominate the wave, so be prepared to wait your turn, and even get snaked/dropped in on. Patience and a high tolerance will buy you a few good rides.

Photos of Bowls & Kaisers

Diamond Head Cliffs photos Diamond Head Cliffs photos Diamond Head Cliffs photos Diamond Head Cliffs photos Diamond Head Cliffs photos
Bowls photos
Good clean day at Diamond Head Cliffs

Videos of Diamond Head Cliffs


Drive around Diamond Head Rd until you see a slew of cars and surfers hanging out. Park along side of the road, or park in one of the two parking lots. Parking is free. Grab your board and walk down the path shown in the map. At the bottom there are showers. Walk east along the cliff until you see a big reef at the shoreline. Paddle out there into the channel.


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Diamond Head Cliffs is located at the south tip of Diamond Head. You cant miss it from the road. Surfers everywhere, un-obstructed view of the surf.

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Best Conditions:
Summer 3-12' faces and little to no wind

Crowd Factor:
Masses of people on good days, but spread out.

What to bring:
Shortboard or Longboard

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