Cromwells is a challenging wave that lives amongst a steady current from its neighbor break, Kaikoos. Cromwells only breaks properly at low tide, so you'll want to keep a close eye on the tides before making the long paddle out.

In the right conditions, Cromwells is one of the finest waves the South Shore of Oahu has to offer. With a good head high swell at low tide, you might just find yourself getting some quality green room time. The biggest factor that makes this wave difficult is a powerful and consistent side current, so you'll always be paddling to stay in position. It can also be really windy here, and battling the wind and the current at the same time can be a struggle.

If you want to taste the goodness that Cromwells has to offer, you're going to have to pay your dues and log some hours of trial and error, and accept a few skunk sessions. It's worth it though.

When the swells are coming from the Southwest, they produce some really fun horseshoe wrapping waves that make you question the physics of moving water.

Shortboards or Funboards make the best equipment for this wave.



If you want to brave the rocky entrance and save yourself some paddle energy, park at the very top of the hill where Kaikoo Place starts along Papu Circle, then walk down to the beach access.


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Satellite Location of Cromwells

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Best Conditions:
Summer with 3-7' swells and little to no wind. Low tide.

Crowd Factor:

Shortboard or Funboard

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