Canoes is probably the most crowded beginner surf break in the world. Its located right in the heart of tourist central, Waikiki. On a nice Saturday afternoon its no surprise to see 200 people out there having fun in the sun. Even at the crack of dawn on a Monday morning you’ll find at least 40 regulars out there.

The waves are about is good as it gets for longboarding. Long rides, consistent lefts and rights, and well spread out. The reef is nice and deep which makes it the perfect spot to learn. Heavy beginner crowds can also make it a dangerous place for those not looking out for surfboards heading straight for them.


Canoes gets its name from the big 6 person canoes that are always out giving tourists a ride. This is where Duke Kahanamoku made surfing a well known sport by giving surfing exhibitions for the tourists.




The best spot to park is in the zoo public lot. Canoes is about a 10 minute walk from here.


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Satellite Location of Canoes

Canoes is in the heart of Waikiki just in front of the Duke Statue.

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Best Conditions:
Summer with 3-7' swells and little to no wind

Crowd Factor:
Like standing on a busy highway where nobody knows how to drive.

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