Bowls & Kaisers

Ala Moana Bowls & Kaisers are some of the best expert breaks on the south shore of Oahu. On one side (straight across from magic island) you have Ala Moana Bowls, a fast and very hollow left that was created artificially when they dredged the boat harbor. On the other you have Kaisers, a very fast and sometimes barreling right that breaks over shallow sea urchin infested waters.

There are several breaks in between that are a little more mellow. On very small days this is usually a good bet to catch some good rides. On big days you see double overhead barrels all over the place.

As with most town spots, and especially because the surf is so good here, it gets very crowded. Localism can be thick at times, especially at bowls left, but show your respect and you shouldn't have any problems.

If you are a beginner, do not paddle out here unless the surf is very small. You're better off going over to Flies or Canoes.

Photos of Bowls & Kaisers

Bowls photos Bowls photos Bowls photos Bowls photos
Bowls photos
Bowls firing away.

Videos of Bowls


From Ala Moana Blvd., head south on Hobron Ln. towards the boat harbor, this road will twist around and dump you in a large parking lot. Drive to the very end where you see people fishing and hanging out, and you'll find free parking there.


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Bowls and Kaisers are located east of Ala Moana park and out from the boat harbor.

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Best Conditions:
Summer 3-12' faces and little to no wind

Crowd Factor:

What to bring:
Shortboard or Longboard

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