Sunset Beach

Sunset is one of Oahu's finest and most famous surf breaks. This shifty peak provides different waves in different conditions, but it's almost always good and rideable. Conditions can range from ultra small hair barrels on the inside to massive triple overhead freight trains on the outside. What makes Sunset point so unique and challenging is the shifty peak. One set will break on the north point, but if you get luered too far over there the next set will clean you out. There's no right or wrong place to be, just keep your eye on the horizon and be ready to dodge the cleanup sets if you're hanging out deep.

On bigger days most surfers bring their gun-style boards. This gives you enough length to get up on the wave before it dumps over the shallow reef.



Park anywhere along the wide open and convienent parking available along the beach. Paddle out in the nice and deep channel.


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Sunset Beach Location

Sunset is one of the most obvious surf breaks on the North Shore. The Kam hwy drives right by the wide open beautiful stretch of beach.

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Best Conditions:
Shoulder high - triple overhead NW winter swell

Crowd Factor:
Jam Packed

What to bring
Shortboard, Gun, Funboard, Longboard, SUP

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