Pupukeas is one of the best high-performance rights on Oahu. The flat shallow reef sits at just the right angle for the NorthWest swell to peel into crystal clear fast barrels. The reef is made up of the same magic that is home to Pipeline, Rocky Point, and many other of the world's best surf breaks located on this short strip of nature's myracle.

With goodness comes crowds. You'll rarely see a wave go unridden here and for a good reason. Put yourself in the right position and paddle it out with the others.

On big days Pupukea turns into a monster barrel wave with strong currents in the channel that can make it tricky to get in or out. In the channel you'll normally find a sandbar that provides shorebreak style waves for some quick fun rides.



Park along the Kam highway near the metal rail for the bike path or find a parking spot in the neighborhod (limited).


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Pupukea Location

Located south of Rocky Point over shallow reef.

More info

Expert Only, Shallow Reef

Best Conditions:
High Tide, Head high - double overhead NW swell

What to bring:
Shortboard to make those steep drops.

Crowd Factor:
Crowded unless you're lucky

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