Marijuanas is a well rounded wave in a variety of conditions. Best of all, it's mostly hidden from Kam highway sight so the crowds are usually not as bad here. The inside section is made up of very shallow reef, so dont wait too long to bail otherwise you'll be scraping your fingers on 3" of water while you battle to get back out.

You'll find a range of longborders, funboarders and shortboarders here depending on the size and conditions of the swell. When the swell rarely turns directly N or NE, Marijuanas magically lines up for a nice long hollow right.

If you're on your shortboard and the conditions are around head-high, look for the spitting lava tube as a good takeoff spot, that's the best waypoint you can use to align yourself with the wave. Longboarders will normally sit way outside and enjoy a mellow takeoff that builds into the fast inside section.

Because of the shallow slab of reef, make sure you paddle out and around "Alligator Rock". Once you've cleared the reef you can cut right and paddle over to Marijuanas.


If you have enough cash to buy this house, let us know, otherwise enjoy the pictures of Marijuanas.


Park along side of the Kam Hwy. right in front of the beach opening.


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Marijuanas Location

MJs is nestled between Aligator Rock and 50s on the North Shore, just south of Waimea Bay.

More info

Moderate-Expert (depending on conditions)

Best Conditions:
Head high - double overhead N swell

Crowd Factor:
On small days it'll be you and a couple of others, on big days a dozen or so.

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