Leftovers, Rightovers, and Alligator Rock

Leftovers is located just Northeast of Chuns, and is usually not very crowded. As the name implies, its a left breaking wave over shallow reef. On days when the swell exceeds 7 feet, it breaks further out as a thick longboard wave...then transforms into a hollow barreling wave over the reef. There is a nice deep channel to the left of the break where you can take a good breather before your next epic ride.

Just past leftovers you'll find rightovers, which breaks right into a shallow channel, and is normally best suited for longboards.

Alligator Rock is the right breaking wave on the opposite side of the channel from leftovers. This high performance wave can throw some mean barrels when the conditions are right.

The current can be strong at all of these breaks, and if you relax too long, it will pull you in too deep and leave you stranded on the shallow inside. Just keep your bearing and stay in position.


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Leftovers Photos
Leftovers and Rightovers Rock in action




Park in the small dirt lot right in front of the channel where you can see the surf break.

The entry into the channel is very rocky, which is probably what keeps a lot of surfers away. Just take it slow and time it right.

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Satellite Location Map

Leftovers is the next visible surf break past Chuns as your driving up towards Waimea Bay from Haleiwa.

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Best Conditions:
6-12' NW winter swell

Crowd Factor:

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