Laniakea is one of the only true point breaks on the north shore. With the right swell Laniakea is one of the North Shore's finest waves for long rides and fast barrels.

Located about 2 1/2 miles past Haleiwa, Laniakea is the first surf break you see along the Kamehameha highway. The inviting view combined with a popular stop for tourists to see the turtles at "Turtle Beach" creates the worst traffic bottleneck on Oahu's North Shore. On weekends plan on paying your dues in gridlock traffic until you can get through the madness.

Laniakea is a screaming fast right breaking wave with several peaks that can hold a large crowd and still deliver waves for everyone. It holds up in everything from waist-high to tripple-overhead conditions. The current can be very strong here so prepare to paddle constantly just to stay in the lineup.

With your typical Northwest swell, Laniakea is split up into several peaks and is a little easier to manage. On the occasional straight North swell, the wave magically connects all the way down the line, providing one of the longest rides you can experience on the North Shore, with several shallow barreling sections. At low tide the wave gets even more extreme, and the reef can be dangerously shallow.

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Park in the large dirt lot on the other side of the Kam highway from the beach. Plenty of parking for everyone.


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Laniakea is located 2 1/2 miles Northwest of Haleiwa on the Kam Highway, it's the first beach you see on your left.

More info

Advanced-Expert (depending on conditions)

Best Conditions:
N Swell transforms Laniakea into an epic long connecting wave.

NW Swell still fun with 3-4 peaks

Crowd Factor:
Mixed depending on swell and season.

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