Chuns Reef

Chuns is located about half way up the 7 mile stretch of what makes up the north shore. Well known as a longboard spot, the wave breaks thick and to the right. Chuns dumps you into a nice deep channel where you can take a breather before you head back out.

This wave performs great in conditions up to about 10' faces...anything bigger than that will close out the channel and crush you. On big days the current tends to pull you towards the rocky point on the other side of the channel. Awareness of this current will save you a lot of hassle.


Chuns was named after John Chun and his family who lived in the beach house located in front of the surf break in the 1970s. The Chun family was known for their Aloha and generosity.


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Chuns Photos
View from the Kam Hwy.



Park along side of the Kam Hwy. right in front of the beach opening.


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Satellite Location Map

Chun's is located about 3 miles past the second Haleiwa exit on the Kam Hwy. It is the second opening where you can see the beach and waves.

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Beginner-Expert (depending on conditions)

Best Conditions:
For beginners, Winter swell with 4-6' NW swell.

Expert swells hit at 7-10'.

Crowd Factor:
Really crowded most most of the time unless you have night-vision goggles.

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